Other Far East Computers

MSX Computers

As mentioned, the aim was to produce a computer range where every computer in the range could run the same software. They had the same processor, same graphics and sound capabilities and all ran a customised version of Microsoft BASIC who were heavily involved in the venture. Not long afterwards, the IBM PC came out and everything became standardised.

MSX machines were made all over the world by companies like Toshiba, Canon and Sharp.

My own collection contains a Toshiba MSX computer, mainly because it was very average. They were all very well made and did bring standardisation to the 8 bit world. At the same time, they sold poorly. Users were very loyal to their choice of computers, Commodore people bought Commodores, from the VIC-20 through the 64 and to an Amiga. Sinclair from a ZX-81 to Spectrum then to QL and Acorn from the BBC B to an Archimedes. Although "standard" the MSX computers were also odd, odd BASIC and odd hardware.