Where computers are mentioned then, whenever possible, I have included pictures of computers from my own collection. These are ex-working computers so may be discoloured or even cracked. The majority still work properly and the rest are in the process of being fixed. Where I do not own such a computer then this will be stated. These photos have been found on the internet with no mention of copyright. If you disagree with my using them then please let me know and I will remove them at once. If you can provide a better picture then please do so and I will use yours and credit you with its supply.

The size of the collection is certainly a surprise to me (and despair to my wife!). It started out (possibly as a mid-life crisis) to obtain my favourite computers from that era. Ones of particular mention are the Sinclair ZX-81 (my first computer), the Colour Genie (my second) and the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and QL which, together, kept me going for most of the decade. After that, things seemed to snowball. Next to be added were the other computers I had owned for a shorter time such as the Sord M5. These were followed by those computers I did not own but would have done had I enough money (such as the Tatung Einstein and the BBC Master). At that point, logic and reason were lost and the aim was to obtain all of the micro-computers of that era aimed at the home market. As you will see later, it was quite a number!