Other Far East Computers

Eaca Colour Genie/EG-2000 - 1982

This was again an attempt to copy the Tandy Color Computer although missed in a number of crucial areas. Firstly, the Tandy had moved from the Z80 to the Motorola 6809 processor whereas EACA, the manufacturers of the genie computers, stayed with the Z80. Secondly, the Color Genie stayed with the block graphics of the original Genie whereas Tandy went for proper pixel graphics. The Color Genie moved to a more standard display of 40 x 25 and every element of the screen could be in a choice of 8 colours for foreground and background though only 4 colours when working in block graphics mode. Memory was 16KB with the option of installing a small card with a further 16KB on board. The keyboard was exceptional with proper switches though they are prone to rusting with lack of use. If you buy one of these and the keyboard does not work properly then just use it and they free up again.

This was my first proper computer apart from a week trying to get a Sinclair ZX-80 to work and two years using a Sharp PC-1211 handheld computer. During that time I also had tried to purchase an Oric-1 and a Grundy Newbrain, giving up each time in frustration after waiting for many months. At least EACA could deliver on time!