UK Computers 1978 to 1989

Amstrad CPC6128

Another Amstrad sharing many of the quality points of the CPC464 (tape) and CPC664 (disk) above. It was slightly more staid in appearance (I preferred the brighter colours of the earlier models), it had 512K of memory (though because it was still only a Z80 which can access only 48K of memory in one go then it was simply paging in different chunks of memory) and it had a 5 � inch disk drive rather than the earlier 3 inch. This was becoming the de-facto standard at that time but left the computer looking very ungainly on the right-hand side. The 5512 also had a GUI screen (a la Windows) though in text mode only and a bit slow.

It should be noted that Amstrad also, over this period, produced the PCW8256 and 8512 word-processors (which shared much of the BASIC of the CPC range) as well as the first really cheap IBM compatible, the PC1512.