Other UK Computers

Tangerine Microtan - MESS (http://www.mess.org/ ) - MESS is an emulator engine which can run literally hundreds of computers. It is very basic in use but works well if nothing else is available.

Oric 1 and Atmos - There is only one really, which is Euphoric. Try here (http://www.oric.org/index.php?page=ressources&fille=tool&sfille=detail&tid=3 ) - free and accurately emulates the Oric 1, Atmos and even the Telestrat not mentioned above.

UK101 - The MESS emulator above can run the UK101 although the best emulator is winosi (http://www.marks-lab.com/osi/#Emulator ). This is a nice little program and emulates the UK101 as well as the Ohio Superboard on which it is based.

Nascom 1 - Nascom 1 Emulator (try here: http://fenopy.com/search/nascom1%2Bzip.html?files=1http://fenopy.com/search/nascom1%2Bzip.html?files=1) - This crashes on my PC so I offer is as an option. You can run under MESS.

Einstein TC-01 - The only one I am aware of is using MESS. You can get the necessary files from http://www.tatungeinstein.co.uk/front/imagefiles.htm

Newbrain - Newbrain and Newbrain Pro (http://www.newbrain.info/component/option,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,43/Itemid,54/ ) - An excellent emulator though when I was writing this, I could not find the download.

Dragon32 - PCDragon (http://www.burgins.com/emulators.html ) - Works very well and perfectly emulates the Dragon computer though quite basic and screen is small.

Memotech MTX512 - Mt Xemu (try here: http://www.romnation.net/srv/emulators/78/mtx/Mt-Xemu-Release-1-for-Windows.html ) - Mine works very stably with a very small window but if I try to work full screen then it gets unstable. Might be my graphics chip or XP as it was written for DOS.

Another is Memu (http://www.nyangau.org/memu/memu.htm This took me a little time to understand but it is excellent once mastered. You can even run in CPM mode. You have to load the tape or disk image at the command line but once done then it is easy within the emulator (e.g. once you specify a tape image then you LOAD"" just as you would have done at the time. One clue is adding -v to the line doubles the initiallly small screen size. Thanks to help from Andy Key, you can add multiple -v on the line. I found -v -v about right for my screen.

Amstrad CPC464/6128 - Arnold (>http://arnold.emuunlim.com

Sam Coupe - Simcoupe, a great computer and an emulator to match (http://www.simcoupe.org/) - Fully emulates the SAM Coupe, can read the disks and everything you can think of. All the keys are properly mapped to the standard PC keyboard. I would not dream of running my original up with an emulator this good.

Camputers Lynx - Pale (http://heraclion.users.btopenworld.com/palelynx.htm) - a nice little emulator although, like many, you have to work out what key does what.

Jupiter Ace - VACE (http://hem.passagen.se/tiletech/ace.html) - Key mapping is excellent but it is a very small screen and, on my laptop at least, the keyboard is read far too slowly so you have to type slowly and methodically. You can also run in MESS but it is not a pretty system.

Enterprise 64 - ENTER - The Enterprise Emulator (I cannot find a site hosting this at the moment) - A good emulator but marred by the keys not being mapped properly. The Enterprise keyboard seems to be more different from the PC keyboard than normal.

also EP32 - (http://web.axelero.hu/egzo/ep/index.html) - A more powerful emulator able to emulate additional hardware such as disks etc. but with the same issue of a non-mapped keyboard.