Acorn Computers

Acorn System 1 ( ) - Like the Sinclair MK14 emulator, this one very cleverly emulates the System 1 but it still makes it very difficult to use.

Atom ( ) - Another freeware one and works perfectly.

BBC B There are a number of BBC emulators. Here are just a few:

Model-B ( ) - Freeware. Emulates the BBC-B and B+. You can remap the keyboard so it is closer to the one in front of you but there is a limitation (at least in my version) that the shifted versions appear on the same keys so some options are prohibited.

Horizon (try via where there are lots of others) - emulates a standard BBC Model B.

Beebem (try the same link as above) - This is definitely the best in my opinion. It emulates every BBC from the BBC B to the Master 128. It has, so far, run everything I have tried on it. The keyboard mapping is near perfect so it is possibly the easiest emulator I have used.

Electron ElectrEm ( ) - A very good little freeware emulator.