Please Help!

The collection is still not quite complete. A few computers still elude me, these are much less common and expensive. Sadly, there is now a market for old computers which some see as a financial investment. My collection is a hobby and, one day, I would like to see it all displayed for others to see. It means, though, that I do not have unlimited funds at my disposal.

If anyone has a computer I mention later as not being owned by me and would consider donating then please contact me. This is not a method for me to make a quick buck (I estimate my collection, already self-funded, is already worth a considerable sum and is definitely NOT for sale) but an attempt to build the collection into a comprehensive source of these computers before some of them disappear.

In particular, the following are still absent from the collection:

Nascom 1


Jupiter Ace (though I do have one I made from a genuine pcb)

Enterprise 64 or 128.

You can contact me via 8bitoldcomputers (AT) gmail (DOT) com